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Jones RV is ready to equip your vehicle with the towing device of your choice.  If you want to tow your car with all four wheels down, we can install a tow bar system by Demco, Roadmaster or Blue Ox. What are the benefits?

  • Faster Hook-Ups
  • Less Equipment Cost
  • Less Equipment Maintenance
  • Less weight to tow
  • Can be used on any highway in USA & Canada
  • No dolly restrictions in campgrounds
  • Easy storage
  • Tail Light Wiring Kit


Tow Dollies demco tow dollies

Demco is recognized as the national leader among manufacturers of automotive towing equipment. The Demco Victory Series Tow Bars will revolutionize the RV experience and lifestyle. Demco Tow Bars is your ultimate source for all of your Demco product needs. Offering the Demco Kwik-Tow Tow Bar, Commander Tow Bar, Dominator Tow Bar and Excali-Bar II Tow Bar to ensure the proper fit for whatever the application may be.

The Demco Commander Tow Bar, Excali-Bar II Tow Bar and Dominator Tow Bar are all self supporting, self aligning and self leveling. Hooking up and disconnecting a tow vehicle from a motorhome has never been easier. All three of these tow bars incorporate the Patented Easy Trigger Release, providing flawless hookup and disconnect.

The Demco Kar Kaddy is a name that is respected within the RV industry and is a high quality product that when used correctly provides a durable, safe, stable, effective means of transporting your vehicle behind a motorhome.

The Demco Kar Kaddy SS and Kar Kaddy 3 both include disc brakes and a steerable axle. The Demco Kar Kaddy will have you on the road in no time towing your towed vehicle with confidence.

Demco Dominator Tow Bar
Demco Excali-Bar II Tow Bar
Demco Commander Tow Bar
Demco Kwik-Tow
Demco Kar Kaddy SS
Demco Kar Kaddy 3

Since the very first tow bar, ROADMASTER has produced high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing tow bars for customers all over the world.

ROADMASTER uses computerized testing on every new tow bar design. The program is called "FEA," which stands for "Finite Element Analysis."

If that sounds complicated, that's because it is -- FEA is the same program NASA scientists use to test their new designs.

ROADMASTER was the first towing products manufacturer to use computerized testing -- as well as "real world" physical testing -- to ensure structural integrity, longevity and the safety of your family.

Our Non-Binding Tow Bars series, first introduced in 2003, are our premium tow bars. This series offers all the great features of the Classic Tow Bars but with the added benefit of releasing your towed vehicle easily -- even when the tow bar is at a hard angle. Four tow bars -- the Nighthawk, the Falcon, BlackHawk 2 and Sterling -- are available in this series.

The Classic Tow Bars series, first introduced in 1986, offers time-tested and time-proven reliability and endurance. This series also features a powder-coated finish, stainless steel moving components and a full length crossbar for additional safety. Four tow bars -- the Falcon 2, StowMaster, StowMaster Pintle and Tracker -- are available in this series.

Roadmaster NightHawk
Roadmaster StowMaster Tow Bar
Roadmaster Non-Binding Tow Bar

Entering into the recreational towing business in the early 1980s, Automatic Equipment began building the KarTote trailer for recreational and commercial towing. With the acquisition of Blue Ox® in 1991 and Duncan Towing in 1994, the company began its journey in building a solid reputation as the premier manufacturer in the aftermarket towing industry, expanding our product offerings from tow bars to weight-distribution and gooseneck hitches, to carriers for pickups and motorhomes.

Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar
Blue Ox Alladin Tow Bar
Blue OxTrion
hydraulics motorcycle lifts for RVs

HYDRALIFT RV Motorcycle Lifts

  • Carry your bike and tow your car
  • One person operation with easy push button operation
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Allows access to rear compartments and/or engine’s access door
  • E-Z loading with automatic locking system
  • Mounts and lifts higher than any power lift on the market
  • No dragging in and out of driveways
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