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Blue Ox Tow Bars
Blue Ox Tow Bars

Flat Towing with a Blue Ox Tow Bar requires a towing package consisting of six components to safely tow a vehicle:

  1. Tow Bars - A receiver mount, ball mount, or pintle ring tow bar rated for towing the weight of the towed vehicle with safety cables.Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar
  2. Baseplates - A baseplate specifically designed for the towed vehicle.  The baseplate attaches to the frame of the towed vehicle, creating a secure platform to connect the tow bar.
  3. Supplemental Brake - A supplemental brake slows the towed vehicle at the same rate as the towing vehicle, reducing shock on the towing system and eliminating unnecessary shock wear on the towed vehicle’s frame and avoids rapid wear of tires and other components.
  4. Drop Receiver - A drop receiver allows the tow vehicle to be level with the towed vehicle.  If a deviation must occur, then it is recommended that the hitch receiver be no more than 3” above or below the attachment tabs of the baseplate.
  5. Wiring Kit - Provides brake, taillight, and turn signal lighting for your towed vehicle.  Three types are available:  Bulb & Socket, Diode and LED.
  6. Electrical Cable - Provides electricity to the towed vehicle for the wiring system.

Blue Ox tow bars should only be used with vehicles that are flat towable or have been equipped to be towed.  Follow towing procedures in the vehicle owners manual.

Blue Ox Trion Tow Bar
Blue Ox Alladin Tow Bar

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